Once I got home, I acted as though everything went well. Grams was there. I gave her a hug while she looked at me like she knew what had happened.

“You alright, girl?” She asked me before we sat to eat.

“Y-yeah. I’m good. I’m fine, Grand.” I wasn’t fully lying. I was fine. Just in a state of shock was all. Having a small prayer before dinner, we reflected on what had been taught that day during service. It was our family;s tradition. What was I taught? Not everything is as it seems. Soon, we started into food and stories of Grands past were was up for telling followed by the twins’ complaints about school. It was so routine and everything here feels so normal. But whenever I closed my eyes, even for a second, I could see his face. His smirked. His smile. Him. I was brought back to focus by Marcus who asked if I’d help him with his English paper and math. Slowly catching on to what he asked from me. I nodded it before it all hit me. Playing his question back faster in my head allowed me to respond with an audible yes before anybody could ask what was on my mind.


“So the answer is four cubed?” He was on his last math problem when he asked for confirmation. I nodded even though I was still in a haze from the day. Finished with his work, Marcus turned around in his seat and looked at me directly in the face.

“What did he want?” His question seemed to snap me out of my funk. I tried to play it off as I looked at him in confusion. Acting as if I didn’t know what he was asking about. Marcus knew better. So he made a deal with me.

“I’ll tell you what’s up me if you tell me what’s up with you. OK?” A slight nod was given to him as I agreed. It took awhile to spit out. But I did it. “Father wants… He told me that. .. I…” Not knowing how to say it, I just spat it out. “He said he had a thing for me. Like, romantic feelings for me.” Her brothers face was in shock. I searched his face for a reaction other than shock. To my dismay, I couldn’t find one. On the bright side, I couldn’t find judgement either. It was a while before the shock wore off him. Slowly, he took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. Setting his hands down, he let out a long heavy sigh. “l guess it’s my turn… I got my girlfriend pregnant.” Marcus looked to me for my reaction. I think this confession shocked me more than the previous one. I wasn’t even aware he was having sex.

What?! Oh my gosh. Mom is going to kill you!” He smirked.

Mom is going to kill US.” I nodded emphatically, agreeing with his statement. “You know grams knows. You think she’ll tell?” Shaking my head no, I began to speak. “I don’t think so. She knows how life is.” Soon they heard their mom calling them to take grams home. Marcus and I immediately looked to each other in a slightly scared manner. Marcus answered letting them know he and I were on the way down.

“You know she’s going to ask. It’s going to be an awkward ride.”

We both agreed as they went downstairs to take their grams home. Before we were about to the home, Marcus made her a take home plate while I went to our mom to get money we’d always give to grams.

“Thanks mom.” Exchanging hugs with Mom, I went into the living room and waited on the two. “Hey, you guys ready to go?” Seeing them enter the room, I got up and walked to the door. My hand was on the knob ready to open and walk out. Marcus had answered and gram had said her last goodbye. With that, I opened the door and headed for the car.