For the first five minutes, the ride to grams house was very quiet. Before the sixth minute could pass, my  brother and I were thrown off by a random question asked by her.

How far along is she, Marcus?” She asked so calmly. Her demeanor was in direct contrast to his. The way she asked and what she asked left Marcus in utter shock. It took him a moment to gather himself together to try to get out of answering the question.

What are you t-talking about, grams? Who? With what?” She wasn’t buying his “state of confusion” act. Grams simply looked at him from the passenger seat.

Now, you know I have this ESPN in me. You think I wouldn’t find out?” She started laughing before she continued to speak. “I know ESPN is a sports channel. I ain’t that old! I heard you telling Lusinda that you may have gotten your girlfriend pregnant. So, how far along is she?”

A loud heavy sigh escaped his lips before he could muster up an answer. “Well, I don’t really know, grams. She may be about a month a long. My girlfriend isn’t really sure. She told me on Friday after school. I…” He paused a moment to correct himself and rested his head on his knuckles. “…We don’t know what to do yet. And you know your daughter, grams. She’s not going to handle this well. At all.” He leaned over hiding his head in his hands. “Aw man. I really don’t want to tell mom….” Grams was more understanding than we would give her credit for. She saw how scared he actually was and made the mere suggestion that he and his girlfriend find out what they want to do and then tell his parents. Mom and Dad. Leaning back into his seat, he thought what his grams had said was the best idea.

And you, Lusinda.” Now it was my turn. Did she know? How long did she listen? “Whats going on in your life? Dating anyone? Anyone interested in you?” I could swear everyone in the car could hear my heart beating loud and fast. ‘Anyone interested in you?’ Does she know? It’s grams. She always knows something is up… A smile appeared on my face before I answered her. “Aw, grams. You know. People are interested but… I don’t know…” Which was true. I wasn’t quite sure about my latest interest. I wasn’t even sure I should let him be interested in me.

“You don’t know, Lusinda? Well, let me give you this advice; Take a risk. Throw caution to the wind, child. Life is too short not to have at least one memory that makes you blush every time you recollect upon it.” It was like she was giving me the seal of approval with Father Daniels. This was both helpful and confusing at the same time. I want to throw caution to the wind but how was I to do that and not carry the curse around. Grams read the conflicting look on my face and placed her hand on my shoulder.

“Tomorrow after work, you come visit your grams. We’ll talk more.” By the time she finished her sentence, I pulled into her driveway. Marcus opened her door and helped her out. Before she left, I kissed her cheek and gave her a hug. Marcus closed her passenger door leading grams to the front porch. While they were getting her situated, I was alone in the car reflecting on grams words. A vibration on my phone took me back to reality. Before I could see who it was, my brother opened the car door and sat. I didn’t want to see who it was while i was in grams driveway and right next to my brother. He and Ii are very close but some things you just keep to yourself until you’re ready to share. I wasn’t ready to share this. Besides, i could have received a message from one of my friends.

You look flushed, Sinny. You ok?” A nod was given as he put on his seat belt and I pulled out of grams driveway. My heart was in my throat the whole way home. Luckily, Marcus’ girlfriend called so he was easily distracted. Not one to text and drive, I left my phone alone. It was only ten more minutes before I could see who it was anyway.