We all do it. Use the wrong terms when we write or even talk. But it’s more evident when we’re writing. So here are some words commonly miss used.

Alot. – It’s not actually a word. A lot is the term people mean. 

Its.- Many mean IT IS. As in it is Sunday. Its refers a person or thing having possession. Example; she’s braiding its hair.

Lose/Loose.- Lose is close to lost. Something one misplaced.  Loose means something is roomy.

Your/You’re.- Your is like an ownership. Example; Your car is amazing. You’re is a combination word of you and are. Example; You’re (you are) very talented.

There/Their/They’re.- There is a location. Example; Where are my keys?  Over there. Their is a form of ownership. Example;  Their prom was excellent. They’re is another combination word.  They and Are. Example; They’re (they are) over there in their usual spot.

I think this is good. I’ll be back with more.  Practice these bits and improve! 

XOXO Mini♡