If you’re a beginner in the wonderful world of writing, then you’ve probably gone to see what other authors say to help your writing skills. I know I have. And most of them are unanimous on the golden rule of “show don’t tell”. Me… I say it depends on what you’re writing but overall, it’s equal parts. Being descriptive when you’re an author in fantasy or science fiction is a must. Mostly because the reader wants. ..no, needs to envision what you see when you created your story. But if you’re like me, a romance writer, I think it is equal.

He stood there crying. – Telling

Over whelmed with emotions, his face slowly turned to a deeper shade of red as tears started to trickle down. – Showing

While showing is great, it can also add a lot of fluff words to your story. Don’t get overly descriptive. You’re readers need something to imagine. Don’t underestimate them.

Anyway,  I say use equal parts of show and tell.  Telling can be just as important and useful.

That is my tid bit of today.

XOXO, Mini♡