Simply Scarlet
Copyright © 2017 Blushing Books Publications and Sai Marie Johnson
Chapter One

Business as Usual

Camille rolled to the side in her bed. It was a restless night, as usual, and once again, Julien had left her to toss and turn repeatedly as sleep eluded her. By now, she should have been used to it, but regardless of how many days went by, in the pit of Camille’s stomach, she prayed that someday he would come to love her the way she had hoped he always would. Between his travels and business meetings, Camille really didn’t get to see him very much. When she did, it was just enough to draw her breath away as she yearned for her husband to show her the affection she imagined was well overdue. It never came, though. Repeated days and nights passed, leaving Camille eventually coming to the realization that her relationship with Julien von Beirutt was simply another merger or acquisition in the holdings of von Beirutt Enterprises. The rigidity of the air finally brought Cami out of her bed.

She tossed the sheets off her body and eased her feet to the floor. The house was extensive, and there were several wings in which a person could lose themselves for hours. Cami stood up and crossed the room as her stomach twisted into knots. Lately, Camille had been feeling increasingly nauseous, and in the middle of the night, she frequented the bathroom more than she cared to admit. Light footfalls softly fell upon the carpet, and Cami twisted the doorknob gently as she eased herself into the hall. Her right arm slid to cradle her abdomen, and her left one flew upward to cover her mouth. She desperately needed to vomit and quickly made her way to the bathroom, flinging the door open quickly, with just enough time to fall to her knees at the toilet before she began regurgitating the evening meal. Her stomach wretched and twisted, expelling everything she had eaten before going to bed. As soon as she finished throwing up, she wiped her mouth and pushed herself up to stand, glancing at herself in the mirror just as an odd sound brushed her ears.

The lights were still off, but Camille was sure she had heard something—enough to the point that she immediately wanted to investigate. The sounds were low and seemed to be coming from the last room at the end of the hallway. It was a room Julien used for an office and one he had forbidden his wife from entering. The evasive Julien kept a lot from his trophy wife, and it often irritated Camille to the point of screaming, but becoming boisterous never boded well for her. Still, whatever was happening in that room was enough to send a shiver of fear down Camille’s spine and as she walked closer, her heart began to beat wildly. In the moonlight, her scarlet locks radiantly shone, casting a luminance all around the petite young woman’s lithe and well-shaped figure. As with all things Julien collected, the craftsmanship had to be pristine. Camille Alessandra de Clervaux was that and so much more. Well educated and well bred, she had a love for horses and art.

Slowly, she eased herself towards the closed door, and at the bottom, she could make out the faint yellow of light within. On the other side of the door, Camille could hear the muffled sounds of low moaning. With her curiosity piqued, Camille could no longer stand with the door shut and suspicious sounds filtering through the wood. She reached forward and pulled the door open in a hurry, to lay her eyes upon a sight that was enough to send her into a fit of vomiting all over again. Her hazel eyes widened, and she stood watching in horror. There, standing before her, was Julien, stark naked and bent over with his hands flattened against the coffee table. Behind him, a large and shapely man stood with his pants gathered around his ankles. Covered in a thin layer of sweat, the man was violently thrusting his thick cock into her husband’s backside. Beneath him was a dark haired Asian woman, who was steadily working her mouth over her husband’s own throbbing prick. The man who was pounding him in the ass held Julien’s throat with one hand and was clawing into his hip with the other. Jules’ head was thrown back with his eyes closed as he continuously moaned aloud. Camille’s jaw dropped upon the realization of what she had walked in on.