Simply Scarlet

Copyright © 2017 Blushing Books Publications and Sai Marie Johnson

Chapter One (Continued)

Business as Usual

Her eyes scanned the office quickly, and in disbelief, a change overtook her—a dark and deadly change, which made her want to rip his testicles clean off his body and stuff them deep down his moaning throat.”What the hell is going on here?” she screeched.

The man behind him lifted his face to peer at her, and suddenly, Camille recognized him. By this time, Julien had looked up to see who had walked in on him and his ménage a trois with an expression of loathing and resentment like she had never seen.

“A ginger? What are you doing here, darling?” the man announced as he continued slamming himself inside of Julien’s body.

Camille was uncertain of what to say, and just as Julien caught her gaze, she shook her head. As sparkling irises began to fill with tears, she stared in disbelief. There was a reason the saying was ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ and, in that moment, Camille began to boil with anger.

“You ever been face-deep in cock before, love?” the blond man asked her as she kept staring. “Oh, don’t play shy now, pet. I know you were hired for a purpose.” He sneered at her.

Cami turned towards the door, and her eyes quickly fell on the closest thing to her, which happened to be a large Austrian flower vase. She looked back at her husband and lifted the vase angrily with both arms high above her head, throwing it hard at the two men and the woman on her knees.

“You fucking bastard!” she seethed as the vase shattered into a million fragments just beside Julien’s left foot. She intentionally avoided hitting the girl because she knew that she was only providing the service she was paid to give. The man behind Julien, however, she knew well enough by reputation only. His name was André DuPointe, a French banker, who often did “business” with Julien at his office. She had heard quite a bit about him, but had never been formally introduced.

Suddenly, André burst into laughter, ridiculing the scarlet femmé with ease. “Oh, this must be the little wife. She’s quite a firecracker, Jules. You shouldn’t have left her out.” With a roaring chuckle, he slid his body from her husband’s and gave a quick slap to his ass before striding over to the girl. Slipping his hand into her dark locks, he pulled her up from where she had been sitting on the floor. With a thrust forward, he threw her against the couch and barked, “Get dressed.” Then moving towards Camille, his gaze darkened as he leaned in close, nearly pinning her against the doorframe behind her. “Gingers always are, aren’t they, Mon Cherie?” He purred the words at her as a true dominant would, but Camille stood in place, more afraid for Julien than she was for her own safety.

“Get the fuck out of my face, you heinous beast!” She scowled at him.

This was the beginning of the end, and as Julien heard his wife ridicule his Master, he came unglued, stomping across the floor to slap her hard against the ground.