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Chapter One

Business as Usual (continued)

“I’m a married woman, Mr. DuPointe,” she whispered softly.

This brought a roaring chuckle from André, who immediately peered back at Julien. “Sweetheart, your husband gets his shit packed by me nearly every fucking night. I’m sure I am fucking him more than he has ever fucked your beautiful, tight little figure. Let me show you how much fun this can be. Shall we start with a little party favor?” he asked.

Camille stared at him, uncertain of what to say, and gave a helpless nod.

“Jules, bring the candy box out. It’s time we show your little wife what fun is all about.”

Julien gave a huff and pulled open a cabinet drawer, extracting a small wooden box that he laid on the coffee table. In a matter of a few seconds, he had extracted a long mirror, two straws, and a vial of powdered cocaine. Immediately, he began to sit the lines and murmured a response, “There you go, but I am telling you, the little bitch won’t dare touch it.” With a sour expression, he fell down onto the couch and leaned back. It was as if he was angry that Camille was getting more attention than he was, and he had the look of a boy throwing a tantrum.

André leaned back and held a hand out towards Camille, with a look of longing. “Come, Camille, let’s have a bit of fun, shall we?” he asked.

Camille lifted her hand and placed it in his, following his lead. A mix of emotions had overcome her—everything from anger, fear, curiosity, and, now, even arousal. She had no idea how he had driven her to desire with what he offered, but somewhere between the heat of his body and the flick of his soft tongue, Camille had become enamored with the idea of the forbidden fruit he offered or the taste of sin that drizzled down his perfectly etched physique.

He pulled her towards the table and waved towards the first line. “Ladies first, Camille—trust that it will make this easier,” he said.