Simply Scarlet

Copyright © 2017 Blushing Books Publications and Sai Marie Johnson

Chapter One

Business as Usual (continued)
Camille shifted in André’s lap, and felt her body growing limber as she rested against his shoulder.Andre slid his hand down the swell of her back and gently began to pull up the hem of her negligee. Lacy white panties were all that covered her firm ass, and much to his delight, he grinned as he fanned his fingers over her flesh, “Oh, you are too fucking amazing, Camille. The fun I could have with this round little piece.” His fingers slid beneath the fabric and, tugging it with force, he pulled the panties off her body. His forefinger slid down the crack of her ass cheeks and, parting the flesh, he peered down at the pucker of pink that was her forbidden little hole, “Oh, yes, that would look so pretty wrapped around my cock.” He spat on her ass crack and slid his finger up and down her slit, taking care to rub the saliva around the rim of her anus before he gently pushed his index finger into her brown eye.

Camille clenched her cheeks, and André coaxed her to still herself as his opposing hand slid between her thighs and began to rub her clit in repeated circles. “Hush, hush, pretty girl. Let Daddy take care of it.” He spat again, rubbing her asshole with the fluid and slipping his index finger into her bum once more.

Camille relaxed her body against his hands and shifted, to allow him more access to her erogenous regions.

André peered back at Jules and grinned. “Shall we double or nothing?”

Jules’ gaze darkened as he found himself growing harder by the second, watching his master working his wife’s forbidden entrance with the skill of a well-versed lover. Jules gave a nod.

“Move out of the way so I can work her for both cocks. She’s never been fucked in the ass, and I want to be the first one to give it to her,” André said.

Julien stood up and moved to the side, as André pulled Camille from his lap and gently placed her on her back on the couch.

Camille was completely stoned and had no idea of the extent of what was going on, but the sensations that André had brought her body were more than any woman could bear. All along her thighs, she was quivering with the need for him to sate her darkest desires. Desires she had never known existed. Desires that he had awakened within her and now needed desperately to be fulfilled.

André slid his body down over hers, and he began to kiss down her throat, drawing his tongue to slide down her clavicle as it inched towards her cleavage. He tugged at the negligee and ripped the straps from her body, tearing the fabric as he made his way down to take her right breast into his mouth. His tongue greedily slid around her pert nipple and bit into it just enough to draw a whimper from Cami’s throat. With a releasing break from the teat, he swirled his tongue towards the center of her chest and slowly drew it down towards her abdomen, slipping his palms between her thighs and quickly thrusting them apart.