Simply Scarlet

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Chapter One

Business as Usual (continued)

His lips came closer to her pelvic bone and, parting her pussy lips widely, he flicked his tongue over the nub of flesh at their center and dipped a finger into her tight cunt. Naughtily, he continued his assaulting invasion and parted her thighs even wider as he slid his arms beneath her ass. He brought her legs up over his shoulders and slid his tongue further down her slit, to plunge the muscle deep within her anus. Camille shuddered and squealed at the mixing sensations, writhing against the couch as her body shivered with each flick of his tongue and movement of his mouth.André relished the taste of her as Julien stared in silence with a fuming jealousy that was written all over his handsome face. Jealousy of what was the question? Was it of his Master as he worked over another or of his wife in the hands of someone who could actually dominate her as he never could? As if André was aware of that fact, he lifted his gaze to peer up at Julien with a wickedly pleased expression just as he released Camille’s body and laid her back down on the couch.

Camille whimpered with want and yearning. The sweet sounds of her feminine cries were a symphony unto André’s ears. He arose and motioned to Julien, “You ready, Jules?”

“If ever I could be,” he retorted.

André ran his hand down Camille’s stomach and lifted her forcefully into his arms. He seated himself with his rock hard cock already standing to full height at the ready for the impaling he intended to give the beautiful girl He brought Cami down by the hips and rammed his cock into her tight hole. Camille winced and squealed in pain.

Julien stood over her, working his own throbbing dick with his hand as he watched André begin thrusting up into her. André’s hands were firmly settled around her hips. Camille leaned her head back against his broad chest and closed her eyes tightly. Jules approached her, and sliding her thighs apart, he slid his cock into the tight recesses of her welcoming vertical grin. Julien placed his palms on the couch on either side of André’s head. Immediately, he began to plunge himself deep inside of her as André continued to thrust rapidly into her ass.