Simply Scarlet Copyright © 2017 Blushing Books Publications and Sai Marie Johnson

Chapter One 

Business as Usual (continued)
Sandwiched between the two men, Camille began to grow woozy from the sensations that came from both pricks slamming into her body. She was completely at their mercy, and somehow, even in the midst of her inebriation, she was becoming freer than she ever thought she could possibly be. A rolling heat singed her flesh, and from beneath her, she could feel André beginning to tighten as his orgasm approached. He slid his right hand up to squeeze her bare breast, rolling the nipple between his fingers, and flicked the nub as his loins began to quiver. André’s nails tore into her hip as he felt himself begin to quake in release of his ejaculation. Stream after stream of the pearly fluid shot up into her ass, and he groaned aloud, pulling her ass back down to settle upon his thighs.Julien kept up the pace, his own body beginning to clench as he watched André fill his wife’s body with his creamy semen. He slammed himself into her two more times, until he too squirted his sticky cum deep into her pussy. Julien’s forehead dripped with sweat, and he pulled his already softening dick from her body with a grin of satisfaction. As he stepped back, he lifted his hand and wiped his brow with his palm. “Oh, fuck me. That was better than the whore ever would have been,” Jules whispered.

André grinned and slid Camille off his lap onto the couch. “She’s quite the fun third. I want to bind her, and I’d love to see her reaction to flogging.” André stood up and glanced back over her well-used body. He walked across the room and flung open a cabinet, drawing out a jockey’s whip.

As Julien watched, he got the idea of what André intended to do and moved to roll Camille over into his arms. He placed her stomach over the armrest, and Camille lolled her head to the side to watch the two of them, completely spent from the experience she had just endured. Julien left her there and moved to grab a pair of handcuffs from his desk. He slapped them on Cami’s wrists and then took a belt from his pants loops to bind her at the knees.

André walked over to them with the whip and grinned at the young woman at the ready. “Shall we blindfold and gag her, too?” he asked.

Julien grinned and moved to his desk to pull out a ball gag and a black scarf. He began placing the gag in Cami’s mouth and affixed the scarf over her eyes. “I want to burn her,” he said, suddenly.

“Burn her? You mean like branding?” André asked.

Julien gave a nod as his lips spread out into a grin. “Yes, right there on that bare ass of hers. One of my cufflinks should do the trick. I’ll heat it and sear the flesh. So that everyone knows to whom she belongs,” he said.

“Ahh, feeling the need to express ownership, Jules? Are you afraid I may actually have the ability to steal her from you?” André asked with a chuckle.

Julien looked back at him, and scowled.

“Why would I fear you taking her from me? She’s only as fun as the holes you can fill, but she has no cock to enjoy. I have both,” he stated with a hint of envy in his voice.

“Are you jealous of her, or is it a hint of jealousy over me I detect?” André asked as he stood over Camille.

By now, Cami had become the subject matter of the situation and almost seemed to be an object in a game between two very wicked bisexual womanizers. Their deviance was apparent in every action they took and, had Camille been sober, she would have realized she had just been raped with a drug, to induce her agreeability.

“I’m not fucking jealous of anything. Let’s have a go at the branding, and you do the flogging. I want her little bare ass to be riddled with red welts and the beauty of true craftsmanship upon her lily white ass.” Julien stated.

André chuckled. He knew better than to think Julien was not jealous over the attention he had given Camille, but in his mind, Camille was far too precious a woman to mar in such a way.

“You’re not going to brand her. Branding is not something any Master does without just cause or purpose. It is a ceremonial aspect of mastery, and I will not have you make a joke of the lifestyle, simply to soothe your sadism. Drip wax on her, cut her with a razor, whip her until she bleeds, but do not brand this woman. She must graduate to the place of such a thing. It’s not the time,” André said firmly. Without further ado, he lifted the whip and drew it down upon her ass cheeks with a firm swat.