Chapter Three
Forty-five minutes later, Presley and Justin pulled into McDonald’s drive-thru. The entire ride back after dropping off Tony, the two of them had shared a peach white owl blunt. Ice cream never sounded better to Presley. She ordered two caramel sundaes and asked for hers to have extra, extra caramel.  

She pulled around and paid the cashier, a young girl who obviously knew Justin. “Munchies, huh?” The girl handed Presley the change. 
“You know it,” Justin replied.

The girl stood there with the drive-thru window open. Make my sundae, honey, Presley thought. She smiled at the girl anyway. 

“Hey, aren’t you the DJ at The Corral?”

“That’s me!” Presley looked at Justin and rolled her eyes. 

He smiled. “What you up to tonight, Kate?” 

Presley gripped the steering wheel. “We’ve got a party to get to, Kate.”

“My bad.” Kate closed the window and Presley lit a cigarette. “She’s got it bad for you, huh?”

“They all do. Females lose themselves around me. I don’t even try. It’s funny actually.”

“I haven’t lost myself yet,” Presley replied. “Remember, it’s the boys that lose themselves around me. The Lost Boys, remember?”
“Yeah, but Peter Pan runs the show. Tink does whatever he says.”

“That she does. My ex-husband thought he was Peter Pan, and I guess I let him be for a while, but I kicked him out of Neverland.”

“Good for you. Here come the sundaes.”

Presley reached for the first sundae and passed it onto Justin. The next one didn’t have a lid. “Umm, Kate, where’s my lid?”

“Here it is.”

The lid was full of caramel all the way to the brim. Presley took it from Kate, and just as she got it inside the car, she dropped it in her lap. Warm caramel ran all in between her thighs and on the ends of her skirt. “Son of a…!”

Kate had already closed the window and was nowhere to be found. Justin opened the glove box and grabbed some napkins. “Just like my grandma. Always has napkins in the glove box. It must be a mom thing.”

“Oh, it’s definitely a mom thing. Thank you.”

Justin was doing his best to wipe the caramel off Presley’s thighs, but it was only making a bigger mess. “This is a little on the sticky side. I hope you have a change of clothes.”

“I actually have clothes at Bobby’s.”

“Oh, you do?”

Presley jumped as the person behind them honked the horn. “Let’s just go. I’ll clean up when we get there. I want to eat that caramel so bad though. Dang it, I love caramel, and that nitwit did that crap on purpose.”

“I want to eat that caramel too. She didn’t put enough on mine. I tell you what. You drive. I’ll take care of this.”

Presley turned onto the dark street as Justin took the wrapper off his spoon and began to scoop up the caramel off her legs. He took a bite and repeated. Then he gave her the caramel-filled spoon. She cracked the window and tossed out her cigarette. “Justin, as good as this feels, I’m going to have to stop you.”

Justin didn’t stop. By this time, his mouth was on her inner thigh. Presley thought she’d have to pull over if he didn’t stop. “Justin! Please stop!” 

Justin sat up and smiled at Presley. Caramel was all over his lips and his chin. 

She laughed. “You’re somethin’ else.”

“I just had the munchies is all.”

“Oh yeah? It’s just the munchies?”


When they made it to Bobby’s, Justin took the keys and Presley’s purse so she could get out of the car easily. They went inside only to find Bobby already passed out in his recliner. “I guess it’s just us two.” Presley grabbed a throw off the back of the couch and covered Bobby up. 

“No worries. We’ve got six years to catch up on.”

“Let me change. Don’t eat my ice cream.”

Presley changed into her pajama pants and matching Tinkerbell t-shirt after washing her legs in the bathroom. She returned to the living room where Justin was on the couch rolling another blunt. “In the voice of Ice Cube, if I could do an Ice Cube impression, please tell me how you gonna sell bud if you smoke it?”

Justin chuckled. “I don’t really sell it. I mean, I do. But it’s not like it’s a business. I just hook some people up from time to time. Come on, Tinkerbell, and eat your ice cream. It’s almost melted now. I’ll fire this up in a sec and we’ll pull an all-nighter.”

Presley sat at the other end of the couch and enjoyed her ice cream, even if it didn’t have any caramel. She could’ve eaten the back end of a horse by that time. She wasn’t much of a weed smoker. It hadn’t really ever done anything for her. Well, it made her hungry, but she didn’t really ever feel the high that other people said she should feel.

“All right, beautiful, hit that. I saved the best for here. This one’s blueberry yum yum.”

“You know, I’m gonna pass for now. It doesn’t really do anything for me. And I’m a mom and all. I need to be more careful. I’ve never let anyone smoke in my car, or even have weed on them in my car. It’s too risky.”

“So why did you let me?”

“That’s a good question.”

Justin smirked. “You’re losing it. Told ya.”
“No, I was just being nice I guess. You know how many times I’ve wondered about you? I mean, I only worked the concession stand for about a month while Becky wasn’t able to, but in that time, I felt like I got to know you. You talked my head off. Remember?”

“Yeah. I thought you were an angel. You were the most beautiful female I’d ever seen.”
“I had a baby bump still.”

“It was hidden behind the counter. But I didn’t care. I was crushin’ hard either way.”
“Aww, that’s sweet.”

“I told you I wanted to marry you when I grew up. Do you remember?”

Presley laughed. “I do! And I told you that I was already married.”

“What did I say then?”

“Gosh, Justin, I don’t remember. I’m sorry. That was a long time ago.”

“I said, not forever. I knew you wouldn’t stay married. You were too young to be married. Even at 11 years old, I knew most marriages didn’t last, especially with really young couples. I missed you pretty badly when you never came back, ya know.”

“Justin, I’m sorry. I was only a temp, and my husband didn’t really like me doing it anyways. My son was an infant and it was late night hours. It just wasn’t an ideal thing for me.”

“I understand. No worries. You’re here now. Kendall told me he thought it might be you.”

“Kendall knows about me working at The Corral back then?”

“Yeah, I told him all about you. We practically lived together then. I talked about you for a long time. I knew you were the daughter of the owners, so when Kendall heard that you were their daughter, he figured you were my angel.”

“Kendall is pretty shy. Not like you at all.”

“No, he’s chill and all. He’s my cuz, but he ain’t got swag like me. Man, we’ve had some fights over girls over the years. I take every girl he mentions.”

Presley frowned. “That’s not cool, Justin.”

“Hey, don’t hate the player. Hate the game. I don’t even try though. That’s just it. I just show up. The females fall apart. I’m telling you like it is. Kendall just doesn’t have any confidence. But he’s family. We’re pretty tight. I don’t know where he went tonight. He must’ve found something better to do.”
“Well, three’s a crowd anyhow.”

“Tony would’ve made three.”

“Yeah, but Tony doesn’t count. He’s like my brother from another mother. He doesn’t have the hots for me.”

“And Kendall and I both do?”
“Well, I’m not really sure about Kendall. He’s super shy around me. He did ask me to show him my boobs the other night, which I found shocking since he really doesn’t talk much.”

“What the hell?” Justin laughed and began to cough. “Did you show him?”

“No! I told him to come back and see me when he turned 18.” By this time, Presley was laughing hysterically.
“Well, it makes sense. He’s a total boob man.”

“Aren’t all guys?”

“No. I’m not.”

“So… you wouldn’t want to see my boobs?”

“I wouldn’t turn down an offer, but I’m much more of a leg and thigh man.”

“Well that explains the caramel.”

“Exactly. Not that I wouldn’t have eaten off your boobs, but it being all over your gorgeous legs and inner thighs really made it that more delicious.”

Presley blushed, grateful the room was quite dark. Thankfully, Bobby woke up and looked around. “Hey, y’all. I see how it is. Partying without the host! Puff, puff, give, man!”

“Bobby, this is Justin. Not sure if y’all met officially.”   

“Nice to meet ya, man, now pass that over thisaway. Thanks.”

Bobby and Justin finished the blunt and then Bobby stood up and yawned. “I’m headin’ to the bed, y’all. Whatever you do, don’t smoke cigarettes in here, okay? Other than that, have fun.”

Presley stood up and gave Bobby a hug. “Thanks for giving me a place to chill. I love ya.”

“Back at ya, Darlin’.”

 Justin pulled out his pack of Newport’s. “Outside with me?”

“Yeah, let me grab my pack. Did I leave them in the car?”

“No, I brought them in for you. But you don’t need them.”

“I don’t?”

“Nope, those cowboy killers are lame. You can smoke a Port with me. Come on.”

“But I don’t like menthol.”

“Have you smoked a Port before?”

“No. But I’ve smoked a Marlboro menthol.”

“Totally different. Come on, Tinkerbell.”

They sat on the porch for hours smoking one Newport after another. Presley began to feel light headed. “Let’s go in. I should probably get some sleep. I do have to work again tomorrow night, ya know.”

“You mean tonight. It will be daylight before long.”
“Really? Wow. I guess we’ve almost pulled that all-nighter.”
“Almost. Come on. I’ll give you the couch. I’ll take Bobby’s chair.”
Back inside, Presley took one look at the couch and shivered. “Justin, I don’t usually sleep on the couch when I stay here. I actually have my own room. I mean, it’s Becky’s room, but she’s never here on the weekends. She lets me sleep in her bed. Trust me, it’s much cleaner than this couch.”

Justin stood up and looked right through Presley. The attraction she felt for him was overwhelming. “Lead the way, lady.”

“I have to lay the ground rules first.”
“Okay. What are the ground rules?”
“Me under the covers. You on top.”

“All right. That’s fair. Is that all?”

“Yeah, I think that will pretty much keep me from doing something illegal.”

“If you say so.”

Presley brushed her teeth with the toothbrush she kept in Becky’s bathroom and climbed under the covers. Justin helped her to cover up and then plopped down on top just like she told him to. He lay there on his back with his hands together. “Presley?”


“Will you call me Drew?”

“Sure, I was actually going to ask you what I should be calling you. Why do you want me to call you something different than everyone else?”

“Because you’re not everyone else. The people who mean the most to me call me by my first name, and you fit into that category.”

“I’m honored. Drew it is.” Presley rolled over and put her arm over Drew’s chest. She rested her head on his shoulder and he put his arm around her too. “Did you know that Presley is my middle name too?”

“No, I didn’t. What’s your first name?”

“Oh, I hate it. It’s just weird.”

“Tell me. I won’t laugh.”

“It’s Genevieve.”


“Yeah, my mom’s side of the family. But I don’t really get it since my mom never knew any of them. Not even her father. Presley I get. My mom loves Elvis, and I was born the year he died. But Genevieve I don’t get.”

“Genevieve is very lady-like. I like it. And if I recall correctly, it means woman.”

“I’m not much of a lady though.”

“Oh, but you are. Don’t beat yourself up for making a few bad choices when you’ve been lonely. That doesn’t mean you’re not a lady. I know a lady when I see one.”

“Does that mean you’re going to call me Genevieve?”

“You don’t like it, so no, I have an alternative.”

“Yeah? Gen? Genny? Genna? It’s all been done.”

“No, I’m going to call you my Eve. You’ve always been a God-send to me. First you were my angel. Now you’re my Eve. Goodnight, Eve.” Drew kissed Presley’s forehead, and the two of them fell asleep just as the sun began to shine through Becky’s window.