BREAKING IN (Allison & Blake Book 1)

In her dream, she is asleep as he stands over her bed, watching her silently, his breath coming in shallow spurts.  He reaches out a gloved hand and traces the curves of her luscious body above the sheets, barely touching her, worshiping her.  Slowly, he tugs the sheet down, and she’s naked beneath.  Her nipples pique as the chilled air from the opened window hits them, making them pucker and tighten with the most delicious sensation.  Goosebumps rise all over her skin from the cold and she shiver’s.

As she stirs and searches for the covers, a hand clamps roughly over her mouth and her eyes shoot open in terror and surprise. 

“Don’t move,” The masked man rasps as his other hand runs possessively across the hills and plains of her body.  His breath is his hot on her face.  “Don’t make a sound or I’ll fucking kill you.  You understand me?”

Allison nods her head frantically, breathing hard through her nose and blinking back tears.  The man lays down on top of her, crushing the breath from her body almost instantly.

“I’m going to take my hand off your mouth now and then we’re going to have us a little bit of fun,” he jeers, lifting the mask up to expose his hot mouth and stubbled chin.  “Don’t scream.  Are we clear?”

She nods her head and takes in a big gulping breath when he removes his hand.  With trembling lips, she stares hard at her captor.  “What are you going to do to me?”

His full lips curve into a provocative smirk, and his tongue snakes out to lick her quivering mouth.  “I’m going to fuck your tight little cunt harder than it’s ever been fucked before.”

Allison is frightened but inexplicably excited by the notion of this strange man sneaking into her house to have his way with her.  She bites her lip and shakes her head.  “Please, don’t hurt me, sir.”

“Hurt you?”  He whispers sucking one nipple deep into the hot, wet cave of his mouth sending pointed sensations into her throbbing pussy before releasing it with a loud and sloppy pop.  “I have every intention of fucking you so good that you’ll be begging me for more.”

And just as he slides his gloved hand slowly up her inner thigh to touch the jewel between her slender legs, Allison jolted awake.

Her fingers were moving frantically over the slick wet folds of her pussy, dripping with excitement from the dream she’d just awoken from, until she was cumming like a racehorse crossing the finish line.  Gasping and drenched with sweat from exertion, Allison rolled over in bed and buried her face in a pillow like she’d partied for three days straight, shaking and pulsing in the afterglow of her orgasm.  Holding her head, she shook out her long brown hair and let out an unsteady sigh, lifting her eyes and squinting against the sunlight that poured in through her bedroom window. 

When was she going to stop waking up to herself getting off.