Well, it’s finally here, the day I leave for University. The day I get freedom from my overprotective parents, the first day of the rest of my life.  
Whoa did you hear that? MY LIFE! 
For all my life, I have been wrapped in cotton wool, treated like a princess, spoiled way beyond reason. In fact, for all my life, all I have ever wanted was to actually have a life to call my own.  
My father is a businessman with his eye constantly on the prize. He married my mother at a young age; I came along not too long after. As he was always working there wasn’t a lot of time to spend with mother and I so he let his wallet be the substitute. Whilst all my friends were envious of how I only had to mention liking something and it being there. They really didn’t understand how stifled I had felt, especially as a young teenager.  
I remember when I was 15 I met a boy at a friend’s birthday party, you would have thought I was planning on eloping when my father saw me with him. Yes, you got it right; no boy was good enough for his princess. The look he threw him was enough to wither the hardiest of plants.

I finished loading the last of my stuff into my car and headed indoors to say my goodbyes. I could hear my mother sobbing as I approached the lounge door, why couldn’t she just see it as I did, a new adventure, a fresh chapter in my life.
As I entered the room, she turned her head away, sniffing into her white lace handkerchief. My heart sank as it filled with dread of how she would be after I left. I sat next to her and shook my head, “Mum you have really got to stop this, I can’t live attached to your apron strings for the rest of my life. I promise I will call you every day to let you know I am fine.” Thankfully after one last hug, she calmed down. To be truthful, I was more than grateful to be getting away from her overly emotional outbursts.
My father, as usual, was too busy to do more than hand me a cheque and a wallet with more money than my fellow students would be trying to exist on, I really was spoiled beyond all means. He never failed to anger me as to him money was the answer to everything, “Oh baby girl your feeling down. Here take $100 go buy yourself something nice.” Unfortunately, it didn’t always cut it, sometimes all I wanted was a fatherly hug. It didn’t matter how much I argued my case of wanting to be self-sufficient, I knew I would never win. 
Fine if this is how he wanted it to be I would put the cheque into my saving account and only use the money in the wallet to start me off, I would then get a job to provide for myself.

I gave my father a hug and murmured an angry thank you, knowing he wouldn’t listen. I smiled one more time to my mother, grabbed my bag and headed out the door.

Closing my car door, I took a deep breath, hit the play button on my CD player and turned the volume up. I sang along with Beyoncé Crazy in Love as I exited my family home for what would be the last time for the next few months at least.

I had a lengthy journey ahead of me; I planned on stopping somewhere to maybe take an overnight break. The term didn’t start for another week so I could afford to take my time. I looked up to the sky to see it had started to turn a beautiful shade of purple with swirling red hues, I gasped as I witnessed a sunset so beautiful it actually took me unawares. My car spluttered and lost power for what seemed like minutes, I turned my wheel and realised my power steering had also failed. I hit the steering wheel in frustration and swore. She started up again, and I drove on. 

My singing must have been really bad for that to happen, I laughed at my stupid joke, as only a bad joke teller would.

An hour later, the sky now too dark to see without lights, I reached forward and turned my headlights on, DAMN!!! My stupid car decided to give up again, no warning just stopped. Here I was alone on the road with no other traffic. I reached for my cell phone, no signal. FUCK! 

I sat with my head on the wheel. I opened the hood, grabbed my torch and proceeded to look at the engine. 

What did I know about cars? A BIG FAT NOTHING! 

I pulled my comforter around me and settled down to try and get some sleep, I wasn’t going to be able to do anything at this time of night, and I certainly wasn’t going to start walking until I found a house. No, I would stay put, once daylight came, I could maybe try finding a house then. The more I tried to settle the more unsettled I became, it was pitch black out there, I really should have stayed on the main route. I just wanted to take the scenic route to see some of the countrysides. So here I now was, sat in my car in the dead of night, and to top it all it was now raining very hard. I really don’t think much sleep will be had, this is quite scary. Some axe murderer could come along, like in the movies.


That was a stress-free weekend, full of laughs with the guys. I missed my mates, but there was nothing worth me staying at home for. Hence the reason I had left in the first place. Dad was always drunk and didn’t know I had been there most of the time. I loved my freedom, loved the open road and my bike. All I needed was a bit of money in my pocket, my guitar and a bit of lovin’ every now and again. Well, not quite the lovin’ more a case of a bit of sex now and then. I was in no way a man whore, but I had been known to play around.

Yeah sure we all want the perfect woman, but did such a thing really exist?

I gripped the throttle and kicked her up a gear, I loved the open road, just me my bike and the road nothing else. As I curved the bend ahead I saw the car, hazard lights blinking in the black of night. Another jerk just upped and left his car after breaking down, bad bend for it to happen on, he would be lucky if it was still in one piece when he eventually gets back to it with help. I revved the throttle as I passed. Glancing in my mirror, I noticed the windows were fogged over with a fine mist. Hell, someone was actually sleeping in there or getting up to something. I debated riding on, but something told me to stop and check it out.

I climbed off my bike and headed over to the car. I tapped on the driver’s side window, nothing. I tapped harder and was spooked by a female sized hand slapping against the window. 
“WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?” I couldn’t help but stifle the laugh erupting from my throat. The window wound down and again “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? ARE YOU TRYING TO GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK? I AM TRYING TO SLEEP HERE”


Well, that was a pleasant surprise, and not something you see every day, a gorgeous girl curled up in a broken-down car whilst nestled in a comforter. I would have said gorgeous lady but hell she had a mouth on her. I wasn’t very keen on girls who had a foul mouth.