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Book One: Jenna Paulsen, unlawfully imprisoned by selfish siblings, orchestrates her release…starts a new life as Sanapia Jones, overnight success, actress and singer…romance with Hollywood hunk Marc Brand, surrounded by the elite of show business…pursued with a vengeance by a model turned stalker who thinks Marc belongs to her.
Book Two: Immediately following a surprising proposal from the stage of the Oscars, they elope to Las Vegas for an amazing impromptu wedding…vengeful has-been supermodel Juliet Bonner goes to extraordinary measures to discredit Sanapia…she goes after Sanapia’s life as Sanapia awaits the birth of Marc’s son.
Book Three: Crazed stalker and duplicitous family in custody, lovely home, wonderful friends, amazing careers, each other and their delightful son…until the unthinkable happens, a devastated Sana must pick up the pieces of her heart and carry on for the sake of her son.  Two years pass, she is ready to take her new relationship to the next level…what happens next will change all their lives in ways they couldn’t imagine.
Book Four: For more than two years, Sanapia Jones believed her husband was dead.  Reported missing while filming in the Peruvian jungle, Marc Brand returns home to Sana and their son a changed man.   Marc struggles to rebuild his life after the horrors he endured. Sana must find strength enough for all of them, when the new life growing inside her poses the greatest threat of all.
Follow this Hollywood power couple through more than a decade of ADVERSITY, TRIUMPH, REINVENTION, ROMANCE, PASSION, and CHALLENGE.  The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the lady you love to heat up your winter nights!

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