BLISSFUL PRISON (Allison & Blake Book 2)

He was sweating, half-asleep and not quite awake.  Walking that fine line between his dreams and reality, Blake felt like his skin was on fire.  From behind his closed eyes, he could feel the sunlight pouring in through the window and warming his face.  Was that the source of the heat?  No, it was something more, something embryonic. Sensations began to roll through his body in waves.  The bigger the waves crashed, the more present he became. As the full force of being awake began to settle in, he realized his cock was rock hard.  Blake’s eyes peeled slowly open to reveal an incredible sight.

 Allison’s hair was a wild mess, tangled around her shoulders in disarray.  Her pink-tipped breasts peeked through their curtain, teasingly.  With every forward push of her hips, they became more exposed to his eyes, her hard nipples sheened in a thin layer of sweat that glistened in the light of morning.  With her head thrown back in ecstasy, and her lower lip caught tightly between her gleaming white teeth, she wasn’t rushing either.  No, she was slowly grinding on top of him, sliding his shaft in and out of her slippery sex, so that he was rubbing up beneath her bone.  

She was a woman hell-bent on gaining satisfaction.  A lusty woman who didn’t know that she was being watched.  From the look of sheer concentration on her face, she was close to cumming, and Blake wanted to be fully awake for the event.

 Gripping her hips, Blake pulled himself up and caught her mouth in a searing hot kiss that caught Allison by surprise, but she welcomed it nonetheless.  She crushed her breasts to his chest, still warm from sleep and pushed her hips down hard on his member at the same time.  He took advantage of the small gasp of delight Allison made and slipped his tongue into her open mouth to tease the tip of hers.  They swirled their tongues together sensuously as she continued that maddeningly solid, slow tempo of back and forth with her hips. 

 Blake broke the kiss to slide his mouth slowly across her flushed cheek, down her neck to bite her shoulder teasingly, nipping the silken flesh with his teeth.  His hands held her hips firmly in place as she slid him slowly in and out of her body.  This wasn’t morning sex.  No, this was breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert all rolled into one.  Her soft little moans were filling Blake’s mind and making it hard for him to concentrate on anything other than that raw sensation of gliding in and out of her tight pussy.  The sounds she was making held him captive, wanting nothing more than to get lost in her body.

 “Get it,” Allison whispered breathlessly as her hips picked up the pace, opening her eyes and fixing them on his.  The heat between them was palpable.  “Fuck me like you need it.”