COLD FASCINATION (Dr. Feelgood Book 1)

Before she could say anything to warrant outrage, an arm wrapped around hers; her mother’s, and she was whisked away to another part of the large foyer.  Fantastic.  Here it came.
“I am so excited about this. I think this man could really be good for you and you look perfect,” Her mother whispered before placing her right in front of an embarrassingly familiar man with eyes the color of Italian blue glass. “Scarlett, this is Doctor Charles Winters. He is a psychiatrist.”
The way her mother said the word ‘psychiatrist’ made her swallow with difficulty nearly choking on her champagne.  Unsure of how to react, she looked to him instead for answers. Charles was looking at her, no, devouring her with his eyes. It was like he couldn’t peel them off her, and she felt strangely hypnotized, and incredibly aroused, looking into those baby blues of his.
“Doctor Winters, this is my daughter Scarlett who I told you about.”

Charles held out his hand for her to shake and smiled. Something about the way he did it made her think of a wolf stalking his prey.  Scarlett shook his hand numbly. It was like she was in a fog and couldn’t see or breathe. Her mother walked away discretely to let them talk, but she had no idea what to say.  She wanted to give him heck and jump into his arms all at once.  Instead, she headed straight for the balcony for fresh air, happy to be alone for a moment despite the cold February night. 

Looking down at the lawn below, she took deep calming breaths, not noticing until a hand on her shoulder alerted her to the fact that someone had followed her outside.  Shrugging Charles off, she turned around with a red face and stared. When previously she’d been unsure of how she should feel, the moment brought her straight into the appropriate emotion.  
She was infuriated. 

“You?” She demanded. “I can’t believe you’re the one that my mother wanted to introduce me to. My own damn shrink! Well, isn’t that just peachy? And I bet you’re just eating this all up aren’t you Doc, pretending not to know who I am. I bet you had realized before you got here that…”
If Scarlett thought for a moment she was going to be able to give him a piece of her mind she didn’t get a chance to finish. Unexpectedly, she found herself pushed up against the cold stone wall of her parents’ home with Charles’ lips hovering mere millimeters from her own.  His eyes searched hers intensely for a moment before a switch flipped inside of her.  Abandoning all else, she sunk her fingers deeply into his hair as she found herself opening her quivering lips beneath his. Charles’ mouth came down on hers like a hawk descending on its helpless victim; his body was surprisingly strong and hard pressed against hers.  
Oh, it was cold, but she melted like snow.