WHITE HEAT (Dr. Feelgood Book 2)


“Stand up,” he ordered, sliding himself out of her mouth as she wiped away the white cum from her red lips, smearing her lipstick a little at the corner. 

Scarlett submitted, feeling a mix of humiliation and an incredible ache in her sex for more. Charles had used her mouth so roughly, but the anguish she should have felt for why he’d done that was nowhere to be found. Instead, there was hunger. Scarlett wanted him; body, mind, and soul. She adored him. There was nothing she longed for more than for Charles to know that. She wanted him to touch her and be touched. Love her and be loved. Please her and accept pleasure for himself. Scarlett had no way of knowing where things stood. Charles’ mood was indecipherable.

“I want something to tie you up with,” he murmured, more to himself than anything else as he looked around while nodding for her to go find something just for that purpose. 

Anxiety reared its ugly head, and it left her heart hammering in her chest. She’d never been tied up before.  To relinquish control like that had never been a turn on – but the idea of Charles tying her up left her center pulsing with delight. She shook her head as though to clear it.  In the depths of her mind, she had always wondered what it would be like to have someone dominate her like that, but something about Charles today had her mind reeling. Did he want to hurt her?  Was that his goal?  Her heart ached, but so did her pussy.  There was so much that was wrong about all of this, and yet, she’d never wanted him more. 

Scarlett walked to the closet with legs that felt as though they belonged to someone else, hearing Charles following closely behind her. She could feel those fiery eyes burning into her back, and it made her skin crawl with a mixture of fear and yearning. Scarlett found an old purse with removable straps, and she pulled them off with a yank. Turning around, she faced Charles and swallowed with difficulty as he devoured her body with his eyes before, she placed the straps in the palm of his hands, like a gift. 

Charles nodded toward the bed, and Scarlett climbed obediently onto the mattress, wondering if perhaps stopping him now would be the best option. The doubt flew from her head as she crawled toward the pillow, feeling the slick moisture between her legs.  He had excited her.  Charles’ callous treatment of her, had turned her on and if he didn’t fuck her soon, she felt as though she might die. 

She came out of her thoughts promptly as Charles climbed over her, his warm body sliding against hers. She hadn’t noticed when he’d removed his clothing, but he was completely naked and ready.  The sensation of his hot skin against hers made Scarlett want him even more. Ignoring her whimpers and squirms, he used the straps to tie her wrists up against the headboard, his knots tight and unrelenting. She was not going to be able to wiggle her way free of those.  Something told her she wouldn’t want to.