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Excerpt ~
     I step forward a little, pinning Demi between the counter and my body. With my left hand, I run my finger from the right side of her neck to the left, moving all of her hair over her left shoulder. I run my fingers through her hair a couple times before gently pulling it so she tilts her head to the side, exposing the soft slope of her neck to me. I leave several open mouthed kisses up and down her neck, and as I get to the sensitive spot right below her ear, I hear a sexy little moan. My right hand fists her t-shirt over her stomach in an attempt to control myself with her. I work my way back down, spending a little extra attention on the crook of her neck before prying my lips off of her and sprinkling the salt. My eyes follow another grain of salt as it slides off the crook of her neck and disappears in her perfect cleavage that rises and falls with each labored breath. I have to close my eyes for a few seconds so I can focus.

     After a deep breath, I open my eyes and resume. I lick the salt off Demi’s neck painstakingly slow, and she rewards me with another sweet moan. I grab the shot and poor it in my mouth while tugging Demi’s hair again to make her tilt her face back towards me. I take advantage of her slightly parted lips, placing mine over hers and letting her shot drip from my mouth to hers. Giving her time to swallow her shot, I put the shot glass down and quickly raise a lime slice up to my mouth to suck all the juice. I let the lime juice rest on my tongue while I spin her to face me. I cup both sides of her beautiful face with my hands and bring my lips to hers. She immediately opens for me, allowing me to share the lime flavor with her through our dancing tongues.